Koreatown - Los Angeles

The Koreatown we are familiar with today started in the 1965 when more Koreans started immigrating to Los Angeles with the East Asia immigration restrictions removed by the Federal government. But back in the 1920’s and 30’s the area was starkly different – known as the Ambassador District located next to Hollywood, the town was home to many movie stars, hosted the Academy Awards, and had famous landmarks like the Brown Derby and the Cocoanut Grove Club.

Ktown was also home to the Ambassador Hotel from 1921 through 2005 when it was demolished. The hotel is most well known as the location where Robert F Kennedy was assassinated, but also hosted the Academy Awards, and played temporary home to the likes of President Nixon, Frank Sinatra and more.

More recently, Koreatown was greatly affected by the 1992 Los Angeles riots when rioters took control of the town for six days – burning and looting nearly every business in the area. This prompted many Koreans to leave the neighborhood as it fell into disrepair. However, today many Koreans have moved back into town along with many Latinos, Whites and blacks making this one of the most diverse and vibrant neighborhoods in LA.

And because all of this town’s rich history, there are some great historic bars and restaurants to stop and have a drink!

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Jonathan Gillett
Jonathan Gillett - December 20, 2012


Finest faux English decorations and Korean fried chicken in town!

Formerly the Windsor Restaurant, this location is now goes by a different name (The Prince) but it retains all the marks of a Koreatown classic. Continue Reading →

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Jonathan Gillett
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There are few restaurants in Los Angeles that continue to look and feel like they would have fifty or sixty years ago. Either the menus change or the interiors are “improved”, and that certain something disappears, sometimes forever. Continue Reading →

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Jonathan Gillett
Jonathan Gillett - June 6, 2012


From the moment you see the classic neon sign and stone facade, you know whatever’s inside is going to be special. Although Taylor’s original 1953 location was a little closer to downtown, you’d never guess that this location opened in 1970 as the interior doesn’t look a day over ‘55. Continue Reading →