Westchester - Los Angeles

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Joe Nascenzi
Joe Nascenzi - January 13, 2014

Hacienda Del Rey in Westchester opened in 1973. Founded and still operated by Alfonso Hernandez, the recipes created here have remained virtually unchanged over the past 40 years.

Outside Hacienda Del Rey, the restaurant portion has a brick front wall with ornate window coverings, while the section that houses the bar is more basic with large windows, neon signs and a candy-cane like white and red striped wall.

Inside you are greeted by a mish-mash interior with fish tanks, various Mexican themed knickknacks, neon signs, framed pictures of various people and different ceiling and wall styles depending where in the restaurant you are. Of note – the main restaurant with the outside brick wall is located in a building built in 1947 while the bar area in the northeast portion of the restaurant was built in 1979. This disjointed construction and unique interior lends the restaurant to an interesting charm.

The food here is above average Americanized Mexican Food with homemade tortillas (there is a tortilla making station right in the middle of the restaurant where you can watch), homemade chips, and is probably the only place I’ve been where you can order a pitcher of margaritas (you’ll probably want a designated driver if you end up ordering one of these – 64oz of margarita is no small challenge)


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Jonathan Gillett
Jonathan Gillett - November 26, 2013


As I write this, the fate of The Proud Bird has yet to be decided. Los Angeles World Airports recently announced it would raise the rent on the property from $200,000 a year to about $500,000 a year in keeping with their policy of market-rate valuation, forcing the restaurant to close unless something could be negotiated. As of a week ago, the restaurant (which has been filled to capacity for the last few weeks) was granted a reprieve of one month to continue operating while discussions about a new lease take place. Most of the places on the Southland Archive are endangered in one form or another, but it’s painful to see one that may be shuttered so clearly beloved by the public. Continue Reading →

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Joe Nascenzi
Joe Nascenzi - June 27, 2012


One of the oldest steak houses in Los Angeles, the Buggy Whip has been serving up steak, lobster, drinks and more in Westchester since 1949. If you haven’t checked this place out before, be sure to stop on by next time you’re heading to or from LAX, you won’t regret it. Continue Reading →