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Jonathan Gillett
Jonathan Gillett - December 20, 2012


There are few restaurants in Los Angeles that continue to look and feel like they would have fifty or sixty years ago. Either the menus change or the interiors are “improved”, and that certain something disappears, sometimes forever. Although this site attempts to catalog these “survivors”, the HMS Bounty is that unique and special addition where the old fashioned reigns supreme, where a guy or gal can get a drink at the bar then retire with friends to the many red leatherette booths for a reasonably priced meal. It is truly a fantastic place.

The food is good in that 1950s American way, the portions are generous and potatoes come with almost everything. Favorites include the bargain priced Baseball Steak and the lightly fried Sand Dabs, just like they do ‘em up at Tadich in San Francisco.

The decoration is nautical, service is friendly and the booths are comfortable enough that as the scotches and beers add up you’re damn glad you took the Metro (Vermont/Sunset) this time. Then again if you still want more, the delectable fried chicken and beer over at The Prince is just within stumbling distance…

A great place to spend time



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